Wednesday, November 25, 2015

So my veterans program was a success and I learned a wide variety of things due to putting it on. Unfortunately it did not work for my capstone project and I am back at the drawing board attempting to put together another research proposal.

Having moved to Portland I reached out to the Portland Art Museum (PAM) about working with them. They have been receptive, and after a few conversations, two plans have emerged one of which will be used for my new research proposal.

The main idea will be a sort of scavenger hunt, but of a more thoughtful nature. The idea will be to slow students down to look more closely notice details about the permanent collection. It was suggested some sort of merit system be used.
Right now I have researched stickers as a cheap option that might go into a little passport type item. Or a stamp more like a passport with a small message, “I am PAM art explorer!” etc..

The goal would be to receive all the stamps or stickers in their book. Perhaps it could be used for other visits or art events, for example if they attend on their own or with their family they might get a stamp for that too.
Art Explorer character to be 
featured on the handouts as a kind of logo for the project tying into the passport merit idea.